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The sauna, reimagined: far infrared saunas, or IR saunas, bring the concept of a sauna into the modern age. Unlike a traditional sauna, which heats all the air in the sauna room, a far infrared sauna sends 80% of the heat straight to your body via infrared lamps.

This makes for a more comfortable and potentially extended experience – an IR sauna (50C-70C) doesn’t need to reach the high temperatures of a traditional sauna (65C-80C) to offer the same benefits. And the potential benefits are plentiful: better sleep, relaxation, pain relief, improved circulation and more.

At GymQuip we offer an extensive range of portable infrared saunas by Kiva Wellness, from small, single person models up to plush, four-person experiences. Our Canberra store – Australia’s largest fitness showroom – even has a few plugged in and ready for testing!

For those interstate, our range of IR saunas can be browsed and bought online. We’ll ship to your door FREE across Australia-wide, and our generous shipping and returns policy and price beat guarantee offer ultimate peace of mind. Not sure which sauna is right for you? Get in touch on 02 6280 4447 or at

Saunas FAQs

What is a far infrared sauna good for?

A number of studies have been conducted on the effects of infrared saunas, and the results indicate the potential for these machines to help with a number of ailments: from promoting better sleep and relaxation to pain relief for a number of chronic conditions like migraines and arthritis.

How safe is a far infrared sauna?

Far infrared saunas are considered safe to use for most people. They are generally considered safer than traditional saunas, as the same effects can be achieved at lower temperatures, and without the oppressive humidity. That said, it’s wise to consult with your doctor if you have any reservations.