Collection: Storage Racks

Free weights like dumbbells, kettlebells and medicine balls pose a storage challenge. Unlike weight plates, free weights like dumbbells don’t neatly stack in a pile or slide onto the branch of a weight tree. Unfortunately that means they are often left of the ground, becoming a hazard and taking up valuable workout space. Unless, that is, you invest in a purpose-built Storage rack.

Storage racks are designed to give your weights a home when they’re not in use, keeping them organised and maximising floor space. Weight storage racks come in a number of styles, from weight trees to horizontal racks, and are built to hold all different types of free weights.

At Gymquip we offer a wide range of storage racks built for all types of free weights, from kettlebells to dumbbells. No matter what type of weight you want to store, you can be confident of finding the perfect solution in our extensive range.

Not sure which storage rack you need? Our expert team is happy to help – get in touch on (02) 6280 4447 or at We boast a generous shipping and returns policy, we send weight racks Australia-wide, and if you find our products cheaper elsewhere, we’ll beat that price!

Storage Racks FAQs

Do I need a weight rack?

Storage  racks are a great investment for a few reasons: they keep your space neat, they increase safety by making it easier to grab weights and by minimising trip hazards, and they help to maximise the available floor space in your gym or studio.

What free weight storage options are there?

There are a couple of common free weight storage options. Dumbbells are usually stored in racks and are available in horizontal or vertical styleswith the weight held by the dumbbell grip. Kettlebells and medicine balls often use more of a shelf system. Ask us about modular racks that you can change to hold all your weights, from dumbbells to kettlebells to medicine balls.