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Nothing beats the preacher curl for isolating and building the biceps! Preacher curls are an essential tool for your workout station, as they can help you target the often elusive lower biceps. Using a preacher curl machine helps keep your arms in the perfect position to see maximum results, and offers a smooth range of motion for the curl, while reducing unnecessary stress on your elbow joints and back. 

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Preacher Curl Machine FAQs

How effective is the preacher curl?

The preacher curl is a highly effective exercise for building muscle mass in your biceps.  When done correctly, it can isolate some of the more difficult muscles in your biceps to target, and ensure that they're being worked out to their fullest potential.

What does the preacher curl work?

The preacher curl primarily works your biceps brachii, the large muscle on the ventral portion of the upper arm, which we typically just think of as the biceps. It also targets your forearms and brachialis muscles, which are used for elbow flexion. The exercise is ideal for those who want to build muscle mass in their arms and improve their overall upper body strength. 

Preacher curls are a lot harder than standing curls, and this is because there is tension placed on the muscle group at both ends of the movement. The motion of the preacher curl also keeps you from accidentally using other muscles, like the delts, to help you complete the exercise.

What is the preacher curl good for?

Most bicep exercises are isolating exercises, but with the assistance of an angled preacher curl bench, you’ll be better able to focus on the biceps throughout the movement. This improves both range of motion and time under tension, which are the two main ingredients for muscle growth when it comes to exercise.

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