Collection: Pilates Equipment

A lot of pilates first-timers ask the same question: how can such simple exercises be so challenging? While you might not move much in a pilates class, anyone who has tried this training method will tell you how incredible it is at engaging and exerting muscles, particularly those in your core.

Pilates is the ideal exercise for anyone looking to strengthen their core, improve their posture, increase muscle endurance, and rehabilitate from and prevent future injuries. Pilates equipment can range from a simple mat to a purpose-built machine, such as a pilates reformer.

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Pilates Equipment FAQS

What equipment do you use in pilates?

Pilates equipment in Australia ranges from a simple mat to a selection of machines designed to maximise the effectiveness of pilates exercises, including the pilates reformer (AKA reformer bed), pilates chair and pilates cadillac.

Is pilates effective without equipment?

The beauty of pilates is in the fact that it was designed to be effective without the need for any equipment, which is why most pilates classes feature nothing more than pilates mats to make the exercises a little more comfortable, particularly for your knees and elbows. That said, purpose-built pilates machines can enhance the effectiveness of the exercises in helping you to achieve your fitness goals, by helping to focus your effort and exertions more precisely.