Collection: Elbow Sleeves and support

Your elbows take on a lot of strain during weightlifting, particularly on the bench press. When compared to your shoulder joints, which are covered in muscle, your elbow represents a relatively weak spot, making it a common failure point whenever you attempt your one rep max.

Elbow sleeves and supports are designed to offer assistance to your elbow joint and the surrounding tissues. They can help to protect your elbows from injury, and they are thought to increase blood flow, reduce lactic acid build-up, and improve recovery time. Some thicker elbow sleeves may also help you to lock out a lift.

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Elbow Sleeves and Support FAQS

What are the different types of elbow supports?

There are two main types of elbow supports: elbow sleeves and elbow wraps. Elbow sleeves are cylindrical, made of stretchy, breathable fabric, and slip over the wrist and forearm to the elbow. And as the name suggests, elbow wraps are long pieces of fabric that are wrapped around the elbow.

Why are elbow sleeves not allowed in competitions?

The only weightlifting competition that elbow sleeves are (sometimes) banned from is the bench press. This is because some thicker, springier sleeves may help a competitor lock out their lift, though this effect would be minimal with any of the sleeves that we offer at GymQuip.