Collection: Barbell Collars

You’ve probably seen the ‘gym fail’ videos. Someone is halfway through a bench press or weighted squat, they tilt the bar ever so slightly, and the weight plates fall off one end, then violently fall off the other. Funny? Sure. Dangerous? Most definitely.

Barbell collars can seem like an insignificant and unimportant piece of fitness equipment – until you forget to put them on. Barbell lock collars are essential, and only get more so as you lift heavier weights, as the larger the weight, the greater the danger (which is why Olympic barbell collars are so heavy duty).

At GymQuip, we’re home to Australia’s largest fitness showroom, within which you’ll find a complete range of barbell collars to suit 25mm, 28mm and 30mm 50mm (Olympic size) bars. Our expert team is ready to guide you to the perfect barbell collar for your needs.

Not in Canberra? Not a problem! Shop our full range online, call (02) 6280 4447 or message for expert help, and enjoy delivery to your door, backed by a generous shipping and returns policy. And if you find a product cheaper elsewhere, just let us know and we’ll beat that price!

Barbell Collars FAQS

What are the different types of barbell collars?

There are two main types of barbell collar: spring collars and barbell lock collars. Traditional spring collars are becoming somewhat obsolete as they are less secure, which is why we deal exclusively in lock collars at GymQuip. You also have standard and Olympic grade barbell collars, and different sizes to suit different bars (25mm, 28mm, 30mm and 50mm).

Should you use barbell collars?

You should always use barbell collars. Without a collar your weight plates can easily slip off the bar causing injury and damage. If you don’t have barbell collars, or if you see that a barbell collar is loose or damaged, you should not lift your weights.