Collection: Weights Lifting Racks & Machines

Engaging your arms, shoulders, back and core, weight lifting machines offer a complete upper body workout that can help you to efficiently and effectively meet your fitness goals, whatever they might be: increasing strength and mobility, bulking and toning, and even losing weight.

There are a number of different weight lifting machines and weight lifting racks, and each offers a slightly different workout that targets slightly different muscle groups.

At Gymquip we offer a complete selection of the very best weight lifting racks and machines. We are home to Australia’s largest fitness showroom and boast an even more extensive range online.

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Weight Lifting Racks/ Machines FAQs

Do weight lifting machines work?

The short answer is yes, weight lifting machines do work. They are particularly effective at increasing muscle mass and tone, but they can also help you to achieve any number of other fitness goals, such as helping you regain strength and mobility, increase fitness and lose weight.

What type of weight lifting is best?

The best weight lifting machine will depend on the muscle groups you hope to engage and the fitness goals you hope to achieve. Some weight lifting racks and machines hone in on specific muscles, while others offer a more complete upper body workout. If you’re unsure which weight lifting machine is right for you, our experts are always ready to help: (02) 6280 4447.