Collection: Weighted Vest

Bodyweight exercises are an incredibly effective form of fitness, great for cardio and building and sculpting muscle. But ironically for those looking to lose weight, the weight of your body will drop just as you become capable of handling greater loads.

Weighted vests offer an answer to this paradox by allowing you to momentarily add a precise amount of weight to your body and carry it in a way that is comfortable during exercise. Some vests even let you precisely place and balance that weight around your torso.

GymQuip offers a range of weight vests and weight blocks designed to enhance your workout. Our range of fitness products is spread across Australia’s largest fitness showroom, with an even more extensive range found in our online store.

Not sure which weighted vest is right for you? Get in touch with our expert team by calling us on (02) 6280 4447 or via emailing We send our weight vests Australia-wide (backed by a generous shipping and returns policy), and if you find one of our products cheaper somewhere else, we’ll beat that price!

Weighted Vests FAQS

How do weighted vests help?

Weighted vests increase the intensity of your workout by adding more weight for your body to work against. Weight vests can help you to build your strength and aerobic capacity faster, and are particularly good for enhancing the effectiveness of bodyweight exercises. 

Please note: Weighted vests not only add weight, but can also trap heat, so they should be used with caution, particularly in hot and humid environments.

How heavy should a weighted vest be?

When you initially use a weighted vest, a good rule of thumb is to wear 5%-10% of your body weight - i.e. a 70kg person would wear 3.5kg-7kg - and gradually build the weight up from there. Where you stop is up to you - at GymQuip our range of weighted vests can hold up to 30kg.