Collection: Boxing Speedballs

There are few more impressive sights in a gym than a boxing speedball being worked over by a seasoned pro. Speedballs are a staple of boxing training for a reason: they allow a boxer to hone their technique, specifically the speed, timing and accuracy of their punch.

Boxing speedballs usually hang from a purpose-built speedball stand or speed ball platform, and are designed to bounce three times – back, forward, back – between each strike. A strong speed ball bladder means that these air-filled balls can be inflated and adjusted to a boxer’s preferred pressure.

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Boxing Speedballs FAQs

How do you use a speed ball in boxing?

Boxing speedballs are a training aid that can help you to enhance your speed, accuracy, reflexes and coordination, while also increasing fitness and power. The speedball is all about technique and timing – you strike the bag, then let it bounce three times – backwards, forwards, then backwards again – before you strike it again. From there you build up a rhythm, eventually striking at different angles and at different forces.

What are the different types of speed balls?

The most common type of boxing speedball is the one that hangs from a speedball stand or platform that it then bounces off. But floor to ceiling speedballs suspended from an elastic cord are also popular, as the ball comes back at you after you hit it, allowing you to practise your evasive techniques.