Collection: Slam Balls

Slam balls, also called dead balls, are a type of ball used for strength and fitness training. Unlike other weighted balls, such as medicine balls and wall balls, slam balls don’t bounce. They are made of rubber so you can get a good grip, but they are filled with sand that absorbs all the impact when they’re thrown against a surface.

Slam balls are most commonly used for strength and power training: exercises like overhead slams and rotational throws can engage all major muscle groups, and the lack of bounce means that you can throw a slam ball as hard as you like without worrying that it will bounce back at you.

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Slam Balls FAQs

What are slam balls used for?

Larger slam balls are primarily used to build strength and power through a variety of throwing exercises. Smaller slam balls can be used to build fitness through cardio exercises, such as slam ball burpees.

What is the difference between slam balls and medicine balls?

The terms ‘slam ball’ and ‘medicine ball’ are often used interchangeably, but in reality, they are two different pieces of equipment. Slam balls are made of rubber and don’t bounce at all, while medicine balls can be made of rubber or leather and offer a little bit of bounce.