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Smith machines are perfect for all levels of fitness, and here at GymQuip we offer the largest selection in Canberra, so you can be sure you’ll find one that fits your unique fitness needs. Whether you're looking to improve your cardiovascular health, build muscle, or just reduce stress, our weight lifting machines can help you achieve your goals. 

Our collection has been curated from the best brands in the world, so you’ll always know they’re made from the highest quality materials available and will last for years. We’re confident in the quality and durability of our products, and offer a generous shipping and returns policy if you’re looking to order from out of town. Whether you're in Canberra or anywhere else in Australia, you can trust us to deliver the best gym equipment for your budget.

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The GymQuip range

Smith machines are designed for controlled barbell strength training, typically for squats and bench presses. These pieces of equipment secure your free weights between a set of steel rails that only allow vertical movement. However, some models also allow for more varied movements, such as the Force USA G6 Functional Trainer.

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Smith Machines FAQs

What are the benefits of a smith machine?

The main draw of a smith machine is providing stabilisation for your weights. They typically include a barbell with guide rods, so you don’t have to put any energy into keeping the weights in the right place. This allows you to lift heavier, as you’ll be able to put all your effort and strength solely into lifting.

They’re also great for safety because they mitigate the need for a spotter. This is ideal for those who want to lift barbells at home, where a spotter might not be available. Most smith machines allow you to hook the barbell onto the frame if you find you can’t complete a set.

Finally, they help build good technique, because they lock you into the right position, promoting better form and teaching you how a proper lift should feel when completed with free weights.

Are smith machines good for beginners?

All of the benefits listed above are great for beginners, and they can help build confidence for those who want to work up to lifting heavier weights. It’s also a perfect way for athletes of other disciplines, like runners, to explore weightlifting before committing to the weights room in their local gym.

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