Collection: Boxing Pads

There aren’t many opportunities in life to hit, kick and punch without consequences, which is what makes boxing and other combat sports such an enticing workout – you can get fitter and stronger while purging the stresses of your day.

But all those impacts have to be absorbed by something, and for the safety of you and those around you, it’s best if this something is a boxing pad. Boxing and gym pads come in a variety of forms: strike pads, focus mitts, boxing shields and belly pads, to name just a few.

At GymQuip we offer a wide array of boxing pads and gloves designed to keep boxers, trainers and sparring partners safe. As Australia’s largest fitness showroom, our Canberra store offers all the boxing protection you need, and is staffed by experts who can point you to the exact piece of equipment you’re looking for.

We also ship boxing mitts, boxing shields and gym pads Australia-wide, and between our generous shipping and returns policy and price beat guarantee, you can shop our online store with total confidence. If you aren’t sure which boxing pads are right for you, hit us up on 02 6280 4447 or at


Boxing Pads FAQs

What are boxing pads?

When you hear the term “boxing pads” it’s usually in relation to focus pads or focus mitts: the thick gloves that boxing trainers use to catch punches. But boxing and gym pads can take a number of other forms: boxing gloves, headgear and groin guards are pads that protect key areas of the body, while kick shields, kick pads and belly shields are used for kickboxing workouts.

How do I choose a focus mitt?

Focus mitts come in different sizes and thicknesses. If you’re smaller than your training partner, you might want a thicker pad that absorbs more impact. If you’re bigger than your training partner, you might choose a thinner pad that helps you keep up with lighter, quicker striking.