Collection: Exercise Bikes

Exercise bikes are a perfect addition to any home gym, but the trick is finding the right fit. At GymQuip, we understand that every fitness journey is unique, and that everyone has a different set of priorities when it comes to equipping your gym.

That’s why our range is carefully selected from the world’s best fitness brands, ensuring no matter who you are or what you need, we’ve got a durable, high-quality model that will suit your situation.

Whether you're experienced, just starting out, looking to lose weight, improve the health of your heart and cardiovascular system, or just want to relieve stress, we can help you find a stationary bike that will help you reach your goals. The right piece of cardio equipment will make it that much easier to create a fitness routine that works for you. 

If you need any help in your decision-making process, please contact us directly or check out our showroom in Fyshwick, Canberra. Our knowledgeable and experienced team of dedicated fitness experts will point you in the right direction to ensure the machine you purchase is suited to your training style and budget. 

You can also talk to us if you’ve found a product cheaper somewhere else, and we’ll beat the price for you.

GymQuip’s range of indoor cycles

Our range of stationary training bikes cover all the major styles. We have upright bikes for those who want the conventional training experience with a cycle that’s easy to use and set up. We also offer recumbent bikes that are ideal for those who are managing back pain or joint issues. Spin bikes are those built for more intense training, and typically offer more resistance. Browse some of the best home exercise bikes below, or scroll down to read more.

Exercise Bikes FAQs

How much should I spend on an exercise bike?

When buying an exercise bike, you need to consider both your budget and what features you’re looking for. To find the right fit, it pays to start with your goals. Are you aiming to improve your cardio health, reduce stress, build muscle, or lose weight? For basic health improvements you may want to consider cheaper models, but for intensive strength and stamina training you’ll want to spend more to make sure you have everything you need to challenge yourself, which is where a more advanced model may be suitable.

Quality and durability are also important factors - as with any exercise gear, you don’t want your exercise bike to fall apart, and it is for this reason that quality is our main priority when selecting products for our range, so regardless of budget you can be sure you’re getting something that will last. 

Our high standards and returns policy give you the freedom to shop without worrying about durability or build quality.

Need advice?

If you’re unsure which exercise bike is right for you, contact us directly and our GymQuip fitness experts will give you the advice and support you need to help get you behind the right set of handlebars.