Collection: Weighted Balls

While a weighted ball, such as a medicine ball, might seem like exercise equipment in its simplest form, they are actually an incredibly functional and effective training accessory. Weighted balls can help to build strength and coordination, can improve balance and posture, and are used by everyone from Olympians to people rehabilitating from injury.

Weighted balls come in a variety of sizes and types. Some are designed to bounce (rebound balls and wall balls), others aren’t (slam balls and dead balls). They can be as small as 1kg or as heavy as 40kg or more, and can be made of any number of materials, including rubber, leather, nylon and vinyl.

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Weighted Balls FAQS

What does a weighted ball do?

Weighted balls are very practical and adaptable pieces of exercise equipment. They can be used for everything from rehab to high-end strength and cardio training. They can help to build muscle and aerobic capacity, and to improve balance, coordination and posture.

What are the different types of weighted ball?

There are three main types of weighted ball:

  • Slam balls/dead balls are usually filled with sand and offer zero bounce. 
  • Medicine balls are heavy, air filled balls that offer just a tiny amount of bounce and aren’t built to be slammed into the ground. 
  • Wall balls/rebound balls are heavy balls that are designed to bounce.