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The GymQuip range

Whether you're a seasoned athlete or just starting out on your fitness journey, our range of ab machines will provide you with the perfect ab workout. Take a look at the options below, and take the first step toward those ripped abs you've always dreamed of.

Ab Crunching Machine FAQs

Are crunch machines good for abs?

Crunch machines are one of the best possible ways to target your abdominal muscles and tone your core. All our ab machines are designed specifically to be safe and stable, helping you put together an abdominal routine for your workout that will deliver results quickly and effectively.

How does the ab crunch machine work?

Ab machines assist in the classic crunch exercise, which targets your core and builds your abdominal muscles. The crunch is a straightforward exercise, but there are a few things you can keep in mind when using the machine to avoid injury and get the best results

Keep your back flat

Make sure your back is straight and flat against the pad when you first start using the machine. You’ll want to keep your back flat throughout the whole motion too—it’s often hard when first starting out but keeping your back straight is important for strengthening those core muscles, and for not putting too much pressure on your spine. 

Don't use your hands or feet 

The other classic issue people have when starting out is using the momentum from their hands or feet to lift off during the motion of the exercise. You want to avoid using momentum from your limbs to move, as this is limiting the amount of work your core has to do, and will lessen the effectiveness of the exercise.

Find the perfect ab crunch machine today

Here at GymQuip, we believe there’s a perfect piece of equipment out there for everyone, and we love helping people find it. Talk to us about your goals, budget, and space requirements today, and we’ll find the best ab crunch machine for you to buy. We can also beat any other price online or in-store, so if you’ve found it cheaper somewhere else, click here for more details!