Collection: Weight Lifting Support

Lift heavy things, build muscle. In some ways it is that simple. But anyone who has taken weight lifting seriously knows that the best results come from targeting specific muscle groups, and utilising supportive equipment in areas where you need it.

Accessories like belts, gloves, chalk, wrist straps and knee sleeves can provide the support you need to lift more and lift better. This equipment is designed to cover the weaker parts of your body in order to make the strong parts even stronger.

At Gymquip we offer a comprehensive collection of weight lifting support equipment and accessories that will help you to improve your form and performance. As the home of Australia’s largest fitness showroom, and offering an even more comprehensive online range, we’ve got the exact accessories you need to up your weight lifting game.

If you aren’t sure which accessories are right for you, our expert team is ready to help: hit us up by phone on (02) 6280 4447, or by email at Our generous shipping and returns policy sees us send weight lifting support equipment across Australia. And if you find our products cheaper somewhere else, we’ll beat that price!

Weight Lifting Support FAQs

Is it necessary to wear a weight lifting belt?

While they aren’t necessarily a must-have, weight lifting belts can provide valuable support to your lower back and spine, and can reduce the risk of hernias. They are a great option for all types of Olympic-style weight lifting, whether you’re doing multiple reps or you’re attempting to lift anywhere near your one-rep maximum.

Does chalk help with weight lifting?

Weight lifting is sweaty work, which can affect your ability to grip and lift the bar. Lifting chalk absorbs this moisture, granting you a better grip while helping to prevent blisters and other injuries.