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It can be easy to overlook your thighs during a workout, despite the fact that they’re home to some of the largest and strongest muscles in your body. The size hints at the importance of these muscles – and with the right thigh workout machines, you can help to develop high performance thigh performance.

Thigh exercise machines can have a significant effect on your total body fitness. By including a regular thigh workout in your exercise regime, you give these muscles the power they need to drive full body movements, which in turn helps you reach your goals, whether losing weight, improving fitness, building and toning muscle, or simply feeling better in your own skin.

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Thigh Machines FAQs

How do you train your thighs at the gym?

While body weight workouts like squats are a fantastic way to strengthen and tone your thighs, there are also a number of purpose-built thigh machines at the gym that can get you where you want to go even faster.

What equipment at the gym is best for thighs?

Which thigh machines are the best? One of the most popular pieces of workout equipment are inner/outer thigh machines (AKA adduction lever machines), which feature knee-high pads that you push together or apart with your thighs while seated. Cable machines, hip sleds and smith machines also offer effective thigh workouts.