As a personal trainer your aim is to help your clients meet their fitness goals. As part of that quest, you need to provide the equipment your clients might need to progress toward those goals.

While many personal trainers will gain access to all the necessary equipment by either working for or partnering with a commercial gym, others choose to build a standalone personal training business that isn’t reliant on someone else’s business.

If you’re a personal trainer who wants to blaze their own path, you’ll need to invest in the gym equipment that will get your clients where they want to be. In this guide we’ll take a look at why you might invest in your own training gear, and the specific personal training gym equipment you should choose.

Four benefits of buying fitness equipment for personal trainers

Why buy your own personal trainer fitness equipment when you could save the outlay and work for/partner with a commercial gym instead? There are many reasons to invest in your our equipment, but a few of the most compelling include:

1. You don’t rely on the success of another business

By partnering with a commercial gym as a personal trainer, you become overly reliant on them. Essentially, if they fail, you’re in danger of failing. Sure, you could just find another gym to partner with, but what if there isn’t another option nearby, or a portion of your clientele aren’t keen on the new gym? By buying your own personal trainer equipment, you gain more control over your business.

2. You enjoy greater autonomy

Further to the above, when you rely on a commercial gym for access to the necessary equipment, you’re forced to play by their rules. You (and your clients) need to follow the systems and processes laid down by the gym. You need to work to their opening hours and around any classes or events they might have on, and any other trainers who might work there.

By having access to your own equipment, you can schedule workouts whenever you want, and can create rules and processes that align better with your and your clients’ needs, wants and goals.

3. You can offer a better client experience

The clue is in the title: personal training is a very personal business. It’s about forming a genuine relationship with your clients and doing all that you can to help them reach their fitness goals. Your own conveniently located and perfectly laid out training space, filled with your own carefully selected equipment, makes it far easier to do just that. It’s far easier to be the perfect host when you’re in your own space.

4. Enhance your reputation

Most personal trainers build their businesses primarily through referrals, so recommendations from clients can be invaluable. Ultimately an investment in your own personal training equipment will grant you the ability to build a training experience that your clients will love so much that they will be keen to tell their friends and family about it.

Earn more business by asking your clients to leave a review on Google or Facebook, or offering an incentive of a free session when a client successfully refers someone.

Our Process

  • 01 Consultation

    In our initial consultation we will qualify the style of gym you require.  We will tailor your gym based on needs of you / your clients or your complex.  Based on your area and budget we will quickly identify the correct product to include in your plan.

  • 02 Design

    Based on our initial consultation we can design a floorplan for your area.  We can prepare a 3D design for your gym and give you a walk through so you can get a feel for the space we can create for you.

  • 03 Equipment

    With many different ranges available we will provide a targeted gym based on your budget and requirements.  We can create any gym you want, from a holistic space incorporating Pilates and Yoga to a larger functional training space with more free weights, our options are endless.

  • 04 Installation

    Our dedicated install team will professionally install your equipment based on the agreed floor plan.  All equipment thoroughly tested prior to introducing you to your brand new complex.

  • 05 Support

    Our dedicated service team will personally attend to any service issues you have.  We can provide Preventative Maintenance contracts either monthly, bi-monthly or quarterly where we provide maintenance on your equipment to keep your gym always working at its optimum.  This is particularly important in un-supervised gyms such as apartment complexes.

What equipment does a personal trainer need?

You’ve decided to invest in your own training machines and accessories. But what specific items might be included on your personal trainer equipment list? The answer will depend on the training you specialise in, the clientele you target, your budget, and how much room you have in your training space.

In many ways a gym fitout for a full-time personal trainer can be seen as a scaled-down version of a commercial gym fitout. You should choose durable equipment from commercial gym brands like Body-Solid, Circle Fitness, Concept2 and Force USA, as it is built for heavy use. If you specialise in a certain type of fitness or training, your equipment choices should reflect that.

Some of the most common personal trainer equipment selections include:

  • Treadmills

    While one of the most common sights in a commercial gym, treadmills are somewhat less popular amongst personal trainers, as you can just send your clients outside or give them some jogging homework. Certain training specialists may still see the value of this machine, however.

  • Exercise Bikes

    A quick spin on an exercise bike can form a key part of a cardio workout and cross-training. Be sure to select the bike that best reflects your clients’ needs and goals, whether upright, spin, air and recumbent.

  • Rowing Machines

    There’s no quicker way to get your clients feeling the burn than with the full-body workout offered by a rowing machine.

  • Cross trainers and step machines

    Similar to treadmills, cross trainers and step machines may not be top of your personal trainer equipment list, as similar exercises can be completed without the machinery.

  • Conditioning equipment

    Equipment doesn’t need to be complicated to be effective. Between battle ropes, slam balls, boxing bags and pull-up bars, a personal trainer can promote the sort of functional body movement that can make a real difference to clients’ lives.

  • Weightlifting Benches and Weight Sets

    Weight benches and sets are a must-have for personal trainers who focus on strength training, and a should-have for everyone else.

  • Weightlifting racks

    Power, squat and half racks will help your clients build strength and muscle mass in key areas of the body.

  • Multi-stations

    A multistation is a great option for any personal trainer setting up a training space at home or somewhere with limited room, as it offers a number of strength training exercises in a single machine.

  • Functional trainers

    Arguably the most versatile personal training tool at your disposal, functional training machines feature a series of cables and pulleys that are capable of working almost every muscle in a client’s body.

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If you’ve read this far, you’re probably a personal trainer who recognises the value of investing in your own equipment. If that’s the case, we’re here to help.

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