Collection: Chin & Pull Up Bars

The pull up - and its workout cousin, the chin up - is a staple of workout routines and strength training regimes the world over. The beauty of the exercise is in its simplicity - all you need is a strong horizontal bar, placed above head height, that you can grab hold of.

But not all pull up bars are the same. Purpose-built pull up bars, whether a door or wall mounted pull up bar or a freestanding bar, offer all the strength, comfort and grip positions you need to ensure you’re focusing on your workout, rather than the equipment you’re using.

At GymQuip we offer a complete range of pull up bars which are ready for you to browse, touch and test in Australia’s largest fitness showroom. From freestanding models, to pull up bar wall mounts, to the PTP Pull Up Bar Pro, our expert team can guide you to the perfect bar for your situation.

You can also shop online and get your preferred bar delivered to your door. We’re always here for guidance (call us on 02 6280 4447 or email, and you’ll enjoy the confidence of our generous shipping and returns policy and our price beat guarantee - if you find an identical product at a lower price, we’ll beat it!

Chin & Pull Up Bars FAQS

Are pull up bars and chin up bars different?

While certain products might be labelled as ‘pull up bars’ or ‘chin up bars’, in reality these products are all designed to serve the same purpose, and can be used for both pull ups and chin ups. The only difference between the two exercises are how the palms are placed (facing out for pull ups, in for chin ups).

Are pull up bars safe?

Yes, pull up bars are safe, provided you choose a high quality pull up bar (such as those sold by GymQuip), and install it correctly.