Collection: Lifting Chalks

If you watch Olympic weightlifting or gymnastics, it’s almost a ceremony. The competitor wanders out, dips their hands into a lifting chalk bowl or rubs their palms with a chalk block, claps those hands together, and gets ready to perform.

But applying chalk is far more than a mere ritual. Lifting chalks are a simple yet ultra-effective way to maximise grip strength. They ensure your palms and fingers are completely dry while adding a little bit of grit that maximises the friction between your hand and whatever you’re holding.

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Lifting Chalks FAQS

Is lifting chalk worth it?

There’s a reason the professionals use lifting chalk: it works. By drying your hands and adding friction, it enhances your ability to grip onto whatever exercise equipment you might be using, from barbells to roman rings.

What is the best chalk for weightlifting?

Chalk is chalk, right? Not necessarily. While a standard chalk block or chalk bowl are still the most popular options for both amateur and professional athletes, modern liquid chalk provides a similar level of grip strength while reducing the mess that traditional chalk tends to create (which is why some gyms are now ‘liquid chalk only’).