Collection: Bodybuilding Equipment

It’s right there in the name: bodybuilding is the process of building your entire body. While you need to focus on particular muscle groups as part of this effort, the aim is to create a body that is greater than the sum of its parts. And you’ll need access to the right bodybuilding equipment to reach that goal.

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Bodybuilding Equipment FAQs

What gym equipment is best for bodybuilding?

Say goodbye to cardio, because muscle is built using strength training equipment. A bodybuilder will usually use a wide range of equipment to build and sculpt their body, because each group of muscles needs to be given attention, from your shoulders and arms down to your calves. Weight racks, benches and leg presses are common machines, and  some pieces of equipment, like functional trainers, are designed to distil a number of different exercises into the one machine.

How can I build muscle fast?

The only way to successfully build and sculpt your body is through commitment and consistency. You need to pair the right diet with the right amount of exercise, and you should understand the importance of rest, as overworking your muscles can be as counterproductive as underworking your muscles. If you’re looking for advice on how to reach your bodybuilding goals, get in touch with our expert team: (02) 6280 4447.