Collection: Air Rowing Machines

Air rowing machines are versatile pieces of cardio equipment that can provide a challenging yet low-impact workout that engages your entire body. You'll burn calories and build muscle while improving your cardio health at the same time, and with adjustable resistance levels, you can easily customise your workout to fit your fitness level and goals. 

One of the best things about rowing machines are they work all the major muscle groups at once, including your legs, back, core, and arms. It's a great way to tone and strengthen your whole body without putting excessive strain on your joints.

Our air rowing machines are perfect for home gyms and always the best quality on the market. We've handpicked the best air rowers from among top brands around the world to ensure you get a machine that lasts. Durability is a key priority for us, so you know that whatever you decide to take home will be made of the best materials available, and engineered by the best minds in the industry.

Not sure what you need? We’re always happy to help—talk to us today about your goals, space, and budget, and we’ll be able to help you find the perfect piece of equipment. Visit us in our Canberra store, and we can walk you through the collection in-person. 

We also ship nationwide, so you can always contact us directly if you’re after remote advice on finding the best machine for you. Once you know what you’re after, we can have it send directly to your door—no matter where you are in Australia—thanks to our great shipping and returns policy. 

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Don't let anything hold you back from achieving your fitness goals. Investing in an air rowing machine could be the start of your journey towards a healthier and happier life. Take a look at the range of air resistance rowers here, or scroll down to learn more about them.

Air Rowing Machines FAQs

What muscles does air rowing work?

Rowing offers a high intensity workout for multiple groups of muscles at once, which is why professional rowers often have a very well rounded physique. 

Unlike many other popular exercise machines, air rowers can target nine muscle groups that comprise just over 80% of the muscles in the body with one single stroke of motion. This makes it a great machine for those who want to build muscle, rather than just focusing on cardio. But it will definitely give your heart a workout too!

This is because the movement required to row targets the lower body, including the quads and glutes, and also the upper body and core at the same time.

Is rowing hard on your knees?

No—even though rowing is considered an intense workout, it’s also a low-impact sport. This makes it ideal for those recovering from injuries, or those who have joint pain or issues with balance.

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