Collection: Squat Racks

Squat racks are one of the best ways you can take your leg workouts to the next level. Designed to help you safely load and lift heavier weights, a squat rack or stand can hugely improve the efficiency of this simple but powerful exercise. 

Squat stands are especially well-suited for your home gym, as they take up minimal floor space and can be stored more easily than a full rack, while still offering a safe and reliable way to load heavier weights.

Whether you're just starting out or you’re an experienced lifter, GymQuip has the perfect squat rack for you. We’re confident that our selection of high-quality products will have something that suits you, your space, and your fitness goals.

We're also confident that we deliver the best possible customer experience—we're always happy to welcome visitors into our Canberra store so we can deliver a personal touch with our advice and recommendations. We also ship our products across the country under our great shipping and returns policy, so even if you live out of the state we can still help. If you’d like any assistance when choosing a piece of fitness equipment, you can always contact us directly if you can’t come and talk to us in person. 

Our range of squat racks

We believe durability is one of the most important factors to look for in fitness equipment, so our range has been carefully curated from the best brands in the world. Browse here, or read more below.

Squat Racks FAQs

What’s the best squat rack to buy?

The main thing you want to consider is size. If the rack is too tall or too short for you, it’s going to present issues when you’re trying to use it safely. 

While there are a lot of features that racks can have, such as weight plate storage, it’s more important to make sure it’s the right size first, both for you, and for the space you want to keep it in. It’s a good idea to mark out the size of the rack you’re interested in on the floor to make sure it fits if you’re planning to add one to your home gym. Feel free to reach out to us today to discuss typical sizes.

What are the different kinds of squat racks?

Smaller squat racks are often referred to as “half racks”. They have a number of advantages, such as saving on space, and a lower price tag than a full power rack, but they offer slightly less flexibility in the number of exercises you can use them for. Some people also prefer smaller squat racks because they can feel less restrictive.

The squat stand is an even more stripped down version. They’re even more affordable and space-efficient, but typically won’t have any extra features beyond the basics.

Power racks are the larger, more advanced racks out there. They can be used for a whole range of weightlifting exercises, like deadlifts, heavy rows, shoulder presses and more, and offer a number of safety features and storage options, but they also tend to take up a lot more space.