Collection: Cable Attachments

Cable machines are perhaps the most versatile type of gym equipment, as they allow you to work almost any muscle in almost any way you can imagine. But this is only possible with the right gym cable attachments.

Cable attachments for gym equipment come in a few different forms, from handles, bars and ropes that you grip onto, to straps and harnesses that attach to you. These different cable gym attachments open up a world of strength training possibilities, helping you to hit almost any area of the body you want.

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Cable Attachments FAQs

What do different cable attachments do?

There are dozens of different gym cable attachments available, and each can deliver a different workout. Straight bars and V-bars are great for triceps and biceps, ropes are great for face pulls and cable crunches, single and double D-handles are used for a range of curls, raises and twists and ankle straps offer kickbacks, leg raises and a suite of glute exercises.

How to connect cable attachments?

Most gym equipment allows you to connect an attachment to a cable with a simple clip or carabiner. This means that most cable equipment and attachments are compatible no matter the brand – you may even be able to bring your own attachments to your gym (although you should always ask for permission first).