Collection: Treadmill Spray and Mats

Treadmills are the world’s most popular type of gym equipment. Running is the most human of exercises – something we’ve been doing ever since we straightened our spines and stood up on two legs – and treadmills allow us to do it in the most compact of spaces, regardless of what the weather is doing outside.

But treadmills are made up of moving parts that must be maintained if they are to last. Regular use can also damage your gym floor, as the thud of each stride impacts the surface beneath your machine. Thankfully there are simply solutions to these problems: treadmill sprays and treadmill mats.

Within the sprawling expanse of GymQuip’s Canberra superstore – Australia’s largest fitness showroom – you’ll find a complete range of treadmill sprays and treadmill mats that will ensure both your machine and your gym can keep pace with your running regime.

What’s more, our price beat guarantee ensures you’ll always enjoy the best price, and our expert team is always available on 02 6280 4447 or at for help or advice. For online shoppers, we can ship treadmill mats and sprays to your door across Australia, backed by a generous shipping and returns policy.

Treadmill Spray and Mats FAQs

What are treadmill mats used for?

Treadmill mats are designed to prevent damage to the floor that the machine is placed on. While most treadmills have padded or rubberised feet, the weight of the machine plus the repeated impacts of people running on it can slowly wear away at your floor, particularly if the surface is covered in gym tiles. Treadmill mats can therefore help you to avoid costly floor repairs.

What is treadmill spray used for?

Treadmill spray is a type of specialised lubricant, usually silicon-based, that helps your treadmill belt to glide more smoothly over the treadmill deck, reducing noise, wear and tear. You simply lift the belt and apply the spray to the deck underneath. Consult your treadmill manual to find out how often you should be lubricating your machine.