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Our wide range of dumbbells can cater to any fitness level, whether you're a beginner or an experienced weightlifter. We offer a comprehensive selection of dumbbells in various sizes and weight ranges to suit your fitness journey, with options from as low as 1kg, all the way up to 60kg.

Dumbbells are a great investment as they’re extremely versatile—perfect for bicep curls, lunges, squats, and a variety of other exercises. We also offer adjustable dumbbells, so you can scale the difficulty of your workout with just one dumbbell set. We stock a set that comes complete with a rack for storage, and also offer a selection of kettlebells to help you expand your workout possibilities even further. Combining dumbbells with a weight bench will also help you target a wider range of muscle groups.

At GymQuip, we know that everyone has different fitness goals and physical requirements, and that everyone’s level of confidence varies when starting out. It’s important to find the right weight for you in order to get great results, and build a routine that you’ll want to stick with. That's why we offer a wide range of dumbbells and equipment to cater to everyone's individual needs. Whether you're looking to build muscle, improve your coordination, or tone your muscles, GymQuip can help find the right set of dumbbells for you. 

To help you get started on your fitness journey, we offer a personalised service to help you make the right decision—if you’d like any help, you can always contact us directly or come in and see us in store! As the biggest retailer of fitness equipment in Canberra, we’ve got plenty of experts on hand who’d love to talk you through the basics. We can also ship dumbbells directly to you, and you can return them under our shipping and returns policy if needed.

Our range of free weights and dumbbells 

We take pride in our high-quality dumbbells and dumbbell sets, all sourced from the best fitness brands in the world. We believe it's important to invest in the right equipment to get the best results. See our range below to explore the options for yourself, or read more below.

Dumbbells FAQs

How much weight should I use with dumbbells?

We recommend starting with a lighter weight and gradually increasing as your strength improves. Adjustable weights can be ideal for adding more weight as you go. We can also offer tailored advice on how much weight to use when you’re starting out, depending on your strength level and goals.

How do beginners use dumbbells?

There are a range of exercises you can try as a beginner, from single arm rows, to curls, shoulder presses, and chest presses. The exercises you try really depend on you and your unique fitness journey, so it’s best to do some research online to find out what works for you.

Can I build muscle with dumbbells?

Absolutely. Dumbbells are a fantastic way to build muscle and get in better shape. They’re ideal to use in pairs, but you can build full body strength with only one depending on the exercises you do. There’s a reason you can find them in every gym in the world! By practising just a handful of simple movements, you’ll be able to see results in no time.

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