Most hotels cater to a wide array of guests; families on holiday, business travellers, people in town for professional or personal events. And while many visitors will be looking to treat themselves and put their feet up during their stay, others will be looking to maintain their routines and stay healthy.

Whether you’re a property developer or manager, offering hotel gym equipment ensures you cater to this latter group. 

There are a number of other reasons why an on-site gym could be the perfect addition to your hotel. In this guide we’ll take a look at why so many hotels choose to install gyms, and the best hotel gym equipment for your property.

Four benefits of providing gym equipment for hotels

Why offer hotel fitness equipment to guests? There are a number of reasons this choice represents a savvy move for a hotel, but a few of the most compelling include:

1. Attract more guests

As mentioned above, some guests – a surprisingly large number, in fact – look to maintain healthy habits while they travel. This is particularly true for business travellers who spend a lot of time on the road, but it’s also true for many holidaymakers who are simply passionate about health and fitness.

With online travel agents (OTAs) allowing travellers to filter their accommodation options by amenity, the addition of a gym means your hotel could gain exposure to a far greater number of potential guests. From there, an extensive hotel gym equipment list could be the difference between locking in this guest or seeing them book elsewhere.

2. Increase room rates

When a guest realises that you have an on-site gym, and that they won’t have to find, travel to and pay for a temporary membership at a nearby commercial gym, they’ll usually be open to paying a little more for their stay. Gym equipment for hotels can quickly pay itself off through slightly increased room rates that reflect the increased amenity and convenience your property now offers.

3. Offer a better guest experience

A hotel gym is more than just an extra amenity. As any amateur athlete, fitness enthusiast or even doctor will tell you, exercise makes you feel good, and this post-workout glow can influence the broader guest experience. When you offer a dedicated place for people to work out, you also bring like-minded guests together, where they can enjoy each other’s company and potentially become fast friends.

4. Enhance your reputation

The ultimate reward of offering an enhanced guest experience is an enhanced reputation. By offering the right hotel gym equipment in the right way, you help to ensure guests not only have a great time at your property, but tell others about their stay. This could be through review platforms like Google, Facebook, TripAdvisor and, or it could be by sharing their experience with family and friends. 

Our Process

  • 01 Consultation

    In our initial consultation we will qualify the style of gym you require.  We will tailor your gym based on needs of you / your clients or your complex.  Based on your area and budget we will quickly identify the correct product to include in your plan.

  • 02 Design

    Based on our initial consultation we can design a floorplan for your area.  We can prepare a 3D design for your gym and give you a walk through so you can get a feel for the space we can create for you.

  • 03 Equipment

    With many different ranges available we will provide a targeted gym based on your budget and requirements.  We can create any gym you want, from a holistic space incorporating Pilates and Yoga to a larger functional training space with more free weights, our options are endless.

  • 04 Installation

    Our dedicated install team will professionally install your equipment based on the agreed floor plan.  All equipment thoroughly tested prior to introducing you to your brand new complex.

  • 05 Support

    Our dedicated service team will personally attend to any service issues you have.  We can provide Preventative Maintenance contracts either monthly, bi-monthly or quarterly where we provide maintenance on your equipment to keep your gym always working at its optimum.  This is particularly important in un-supervised gyms such as apartment complexes.

What machines represent typical gym equipment for hotels?

A hotel gym fitout is much the same as a commercial gym fitout. You need to cater to an equally broad range of people, and each machine will see a similarly steady flow of users, so they need to be built for the task and faithfully maintained.

Commercial gym brands like Body-Solid, Circle Fitness, Concept2 and Force USA offer equipment that is built for regular use by everyone from gym beginners to professional bodybuilders. When browsing hotel gym equipment for sale, some must-have items include:

  • Treadmills

    Hotels are often found in CBDs and other high-density areas that can prove difficult to walk, jog or run around. As such a commercial treadmill should be one of the first pieces of equipment any hotel invests in.

  • Exercise Bikes

    Likewise, most hotels aren’t located near high quality cycling routes, and most guests won’t bring their wheels with them anyway. A quality hotel gym will offer a number of different types of exercise bike, including upright, spin and air bikes, to cater to different workout preferences.

  • Rowing Machines

    Activating all major muscle groups, from the calves to the shoulders, rowing machines are the equipment of choice for people who want a high-intensity, full body workout.

  • Cross Trainers

    Offering a cardio workout that engages the arms and legs, cross-trainers are one of the most accessible hotel gym equipment exercise options.

  • Step Machines

    Sure, a hotel guest could take the stairs to their room, but why do a lonely workout in a dark stairwell when you could enjoy the company and the view from the step machine in your hotel gym?

  • Weightlifting Benches and Weight Sets

    Some guests will prefer strength training over cardio, so it’s important that you offer weightlifting equipment in your hotel gym.

  • Weightlifting racks

    A more versatile form of strength training, weightlifting racks encompass a number of different machines, including cable and smith machines, and power, squat and half racks.

  • Multi-stations

    A one stop shop for strength training, multistations pack a range of exercises into the one machine, and are an ideal piece of hotel gym equipment for properties with limited space.

  • Functional trainers

    Featuring pulley and cable systems that allow users to work all major muscle groups in all directions, functional trainers are amongst the most versatile pieces of exercise equipment, and are a fantastic addition to any hotel gym.

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If you recognise the immense value of gym equipment for hotels, but are unsure exactly what equipment to choose, how to create a functional gym layout, and how to ensure your gym equipment is cared for in the long-term, we’re here to help.

At GymQuip we’ve spent over three decades offering hotels the guidance they need to set up an alluring on-site gym. We boast Australia’s largest fitness showroom, which is packed with commercial gym equipment designed to withstand constant use by hotel guests. 

What’s more, we offer a complete commercial gym fitout service. We begin by working to understand your goals and situation, then we help you select the right items from hotel fitness equipment for sale. We create a guest-friendly floor plan, deliver and install all your machines, and provide support and maintenance to ensure your hotel gym is always safe for your guests to use.

Visit us in-store, browse our extensive range online, or let us come to you to conduct an on-site consultation! Get in touch with our friendly team today.

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