Collection: Gym Rubber Flooring Mats

Gyms are hives of activity where heavy things are often thrown around, so a gym floor is asked to handle a lot more than a standard floor. Gym rubber flooring, also called gym floor matting and rubber mat flooring, is designed to protect the floor beneath by covering it with robust and resilient rubber tiles.

Gym flooring mats can either be installed in certain high usage and high impact sections of a gym, or as a uniform covering that stretches across the entire floor. Purpose-built rubber mats for gyms are designed to handle dropped weights and the impacts of exercise, while also increasing the comfort of any gym member doing floor-based exercise.

At GymQuip we offer a number of gym floor mats, in both rubber and high density foam, that will help to protect the floor of your gym from the impacts that it will inevitably experience. You can check out our range by visiting our Canberra store, which is Australia’s largest fitness showroom.

You can also browse our range of gym mat flooring online. We ship Australia-wide and offer a generous shipping and returns policy, while our price beat guarantee gives you that extra level of confidence. If you need expert guidance, you can get in touch with our team on 02 6280 4447 or at

Gym Rubber Flooring Mats FAQs

What type of flooring is best for gyms?

At GymQuip we offer gym flooring in both recycled, commercial-grade rubber and high-density foam. Rubber is the more robust of the two materials, and is a great option for any gym looking to cover the entire floor, while foam mats are lighter-weight and easier to move and so are ideal for less permanent installations.

How do you install gym flooring?

DIY installation is simple for most types of gym flooring, particularly our jigsaw mats, which lock together like puzzle pieces and can be easily moved around your gym.