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Do you want to take your arm workouts to the next level? Whether you're looking to build muscle, tone your arms, or lose weight, we've got you covered. Our arm machines are handpicked from the best brands in the world to ensure durability and top-notch performance. 

At GymQuip, we understand that everyone has different goals when it comes to fitness. That's why we offer a variety of workout machines for arms that cater to different fitness levels and goals. One of the best things about our arm machines is that they're easy to use. Whether you're a beginner or a pro, you’ll be sure to get a great arm workout every time. Plus, our arm machines are designed to be comfortable, so you can focus on your workout without any distractions.

At GymQuip, we take pride in offering top-quality products that are built to last. Our arm machines are all made from high-quality materials that are designed to withstand the toughest workouts for years to come. We put a premium on quality, because we understand that buying fitness equipment can be a big investment, and so it’s important they can go the distance alongside you.

Not sure what you’re after? Our team is always happy for you to come in and visit us in our Canberra store, where we can help you find the perfect piece of equipment to suit your needs. If you’d like advice or recommendations for your decision making process, talk to us today about your space requirements, budget, and workout goals. 

We also offer nationwide shipping and a hassle-free returns policy, and you can always  contact us directly for advice when shopping online. Whether you're in Canberra or anywhere else in Australia, we're here to make your shopping experience as easy and enjoyable as possible.

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We have a wide range of machines for arm workouts, from cable machines to bicep curl machines. Take a look here, or read more about them below.

Arm Machines FAQs

Which gym machines can you use for arms?

There are many different workout machines ideal for arms. For example, a seated dip machine is perfect for targeting the triceps, while a preacher curl machine will help you focus on your biceps. Assisted pull-up machines are one of the best ways for working your upper arms and shoulders.

Another popular machine for building the arms is the cable machine. Its major advantage here is increased time under tension, which translates to faster muscle growth.

What machine is best for biceps?

Preacher curls place your arms on an angled bench, and the angle keeps you from using momentum or your shoulders for the curl, forcing you to only use your biceps.

What machine is best for triceps?

A dip station is fantastic for building strength in your triceps. Dips force your triceps to lift all of your bodyweight, and they also train functional strength thanks to the angle of motion.

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We have a wide range of arm machines that will help you build muscle, tone your arms, and achieve your fitness goals. And if you’ve found one of our machines cheaper somewhere else, show it to us and we can beat the price, whether it’s online or in-store. Click here for more details.