Apartment complexes allow more people to live in central, convenient and high demand areas of a city. In terms of lifestyle, it’s a trade-off: owner-occupiers and tenants trade the detached house and the big patch of grass for the chance to live in an enviable location.

But while an apartment dweller doesn’t have a sprawling backyard to run around in, they should still be given the opportunity to get active.

Whether you’re a property developer or an apartment complex manager, an on-site gym can prove the perfect addition to your building, for a number of reasons. In this guide we’ll look at why you should consider installing a gym, and the must-have gym equipment for apartment complexes.

Four benefits of providing gym equipment for apartment complexes

Why should you consider including a gym in a new apartment build, or adding a gym to an existing apartment block? Here are just four of the most compelling reasons.

1. Sell more apartments faster

If you’re in the planning stages of a new apartment build, the addition of a gym can prove a key motivating factor for buyers. It’s the sort of X-factor that can help stoke demand and encourage a buyer to lock in an off-the-plan purchase sooner rather than later.

2. Increase property values

When a buyer sees there’s a gym on-site, they know that they’ll save money on paying for a gym membership, and save time on travelling to an off-site gym – savings that can spur the buyer to increase their budget. This applies equally to the initial sales, and to any resales in years to come – when the time comes to sell, an owner will be helped by the extra on-site amenity.

3. Foster a sense of community

Just as important as the dollars and cents of your apartment complex is the feeling within it. It’s a more difficult thing to measure, but when the building is warm and welcoming, when there’s a tangible kinship amongst residents, it’s a far nicer place to be. A sense of community also makes the apartment manager’s job so much easier.

This is one of the main reasons why suburban housing developments dedicate so much space to communal areas. And while green grass and open plains may be lacking in an apartment block, a gym is a place where residents can meet and get to know each other, turning neighbours into friends, and turning elevator trips from awkward to fun.

4. Encourage healthy lifestyles

As a property developer or apartment complex manager, an on-site gym represents an opportunity for you to ensure the residents live long and healthy lives. You can’t underestimate the value of easy-to-access exercise in high density urban areas – by placing a gym an elevator ride away, rather than a couple of blocks, you’ll help them to feel healthier and happier (which will again make an apartment manager’s job far easier).

Our Process

  • 01 Consultation

    In our initial consultation we will qualify the style of gym you require.  We will tailor your gym based on needs of you / your clients or your complex.  Based on your area and budget we will quickly identify the correct product to include in your plan.

  • 02 Design

    Based on our initial consultation we can design a floorplan for your area.  We can prepare a 3D design for your gym and give you a walk through so you can get a feel for the space we can create for you.

  • 03 Equipment

    With many different ranges available we will provide a targeted gym based on your budget and requirements.  We can create any gym you want, from a holistic space incorporating Pilates and Yoga to a larger functional training space with more free weights, our options are endless.

  • 04 Installation

    Our dedicated install team will professionally install your equipment based on the agreed floor plan.  All equipment thoroughly tested prior to introducing you to your brand new complex.

  • 05 Support

    Our dedicated service team will personally attend to any service issues you have.  We can provide Preventative Maintenance contracts either monthly, bi-monthly or quarterly where we provide maintenance on your equipment to keep your gym always working at its optimum.  This is particularly important in un-supervised gyms such as apartment complexes.

What machines represent typical gym equipment for apartments?

A gym in an apartment block should be fitted out in the same way as a commercial gym, as it will see a similarly steady flow of people using the machines.

Commercial gym equipment from brands like Circle Fitness, Body-Solid, Concept2 and Force USA is designed to withstand regular use by a wide variety of users. Some of the key pieces of commercial gym equipment for apartment complexes include:

  • Treadmills

    Apartment blocks tend to be found in high density urban areas that can be difficult to walk or run – which makes a treadmill a critical addition to an apartment block gym.

  • Exercise Bikes

    High quality rides can also be difficult to find in the city. Passionate cyclists may need to drive out to the suburbs or beyond to get their wheels turning. Unless, that is, they have a range of exercise bikes – spin, upright, recumbent or air bikes – right there in the apartment complex.

  • Rowing Machines

    A compact machine capable of working every major muscle group all at once, a rowing machine is a valuable addition to an on-site gym.

  • Cross Trainers

    A high-intensity cardio workout that gets the legs and arms moving, consider positioning cross trainers where users can enjoy the view from your apartment block.

  • Step Machines

    While the elevators might be a little too tempting after a long day at work, you can still encourage residents to take the stairs – minus the claustrophobic stairwell – with the addition of step machines.

  • Weightlifting Benches and Weight Sets

    Basic weightlifting equipment is one of the most critical investments you can make in your gym.

  • Weightlifting racks

    Squat, power and half racks; smith and cable machines; there are a number of ways to work on strength and power, and it’s important for your gym to offer a mix of machines which complement each other. 

  • Multi-stations

    If limited space is available in the apartment complex gym, a multi-station is a great solution, as it packs a range of strength exercises into the one machine.

  • Functional trainers

    Functional trainers are another adaptable piece of fitness equipment that feature cable and pulley systems. These allow you to recreate motions and work muscles that can be difficult with other machines.

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If you’re searching for the very best gym equipment for apartment complexes, and if you’re looking for expert advice on exactly how to fit your gym out, from equipment, to layout, to ongoing maintenance, our expert GymQuip team is here to help.

Home to Australia’s largest fitness showroom, at GymQuip we boast over three decades of experience in fitting out apartment blocks and commercial gyms. Our complete commercial gym fit out service begins with a consulting session, after which we design your floor plan, identify equipment, deliver and professionally install that equipment, and provide ongoing service and support to ensure it stays safe and ready for your residents to use.

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