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Curved treadmills are a popular choice for fitness enthusiasts looking for a challenging and engaging workout. The curved shape of the running surface forces you to engage more muscles than traditional flat treadmills, making it a great option for high-intensity interval training (HIIT) and other cardiovascular workouts. The physiological and perceptual demands of running on a curved treadmill have been shown to increase calorie burn, making it a fantastic choice for those looking to lose weight and get fit.

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Curved Treadmills FAQs

Are curved treadmills better than flat treadmills?

In some ways, yes. There is a bit of a learning curve to using them, but they are considered to be better suited for the natural motions of running, walking, and even sprinting. The unique design of the curved surface also means that you'll be working harder with each step, resulting in a more intense workout. 

Curved treadmills don’t have a motor, and many users prefer this, as it means that they’re eco-friendly and require less maintenance than electric treadmills. It can also make them quieter to use.

Is it harder to run on a curved treadmill?

Some may worry that running on a curved treadmill is too difficult, but this is far from the truth. It can take a bit of effort to get the treadmill moving, but once you’re going, the curved design encourages proper running form and can help prevent injuries associated with running on flat surfaces. Walking on a curved treadmill is also a great low-impact option for those who are recovering from an injury or just starting their fitness journey.

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If you're looking for a challenging and engaging workout, a curved treadmill is an excellent choice. With our selection of high-quality curved treadmills, expert customer service, and reliable shipping and returns policy, we’re sure we can help you find the perfect solution.

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