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Body pump is a unique form of exercise involving high reps with light to medium weights. Originally developed by fitness company Les Mills, it has brought strength training to the masses by popularising barbell gym classes, helping people get fit and toned while having fun.

The beauty of this workout is in the simplicity and accessibility of body pump equipment. Armed with just a light barbell set and a workout mat you can work on every major muscle group, either at home or in a body pump class at the gym.

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Body Pump Equipment FAQS

What does a body pump do for your body?

Body pump is designed to enhance both your strength and your aerobic capacity. Most classes begin by getting your body moving and your heart rate up with light weights, before transitioning to strength training with medium weights. It’s a whole body workout that can enhance fitness and endurance while building and toning muscle.

What body pump equipment do I need?

A body pump workout is based around a body pump barbell set – a lightweight barbell with a set of smaller weight plates (usually 1.25kg, 2.5kg or 5kg). A workout mat and aerobic step are also helpful in performing a range of body pump exercises, from bench press to weighted step-ups.