Collection: Weight Plates

As with almost all fitness activities, weight lifting is a game of improving your performance over time. As you build up your strength you’ll lift heavier and heavier weights, which can be an expensive proposition if you buy dedicated one-piece weights – you need to buy totally new equipment every time you get a little stronger.

Weight plates (sometimes called weighted plates) solve this issue. As you get stronger, you simply change the number or weight of the plates on the bar. This means you can also easily switch between high rep, low weight lifts and one rep max lifts.

At Gymquip we offer a complete collection of gym weight plates for sale, from light body pump weights to professional-level bumper sets. You can shop our range in our Canberra showroom – Australia’s largest fitness showroom – or you can browse online, and get your weight plates delivered to your door, backed by our generous shipping and returns policy.

Not sure which weight plates are right for you? Our expert team is ready to offer the guidance you need: get in touch on (02) 6280 4447, or at And if you find our products cheaper somewhere else, we’ll beat that price!

Weight Plates FAQs

What are the standard weight plate sizes?

Traditional weight plate sets generally feature 5kg, 10kg, 15kg and 20kg plates. You’ll usually get two of each size, and when you add the weight of the 20kg bar, the total weight of a set is usually 120kg. At GymQuip we also offer lighter body pump weight plate sets, which feature 1.25kg, 2.5kg and 5kg plates.

Do weight plates fit all bars?

Weight lifting bars can vary in size from Standard to Olympic. Unfortunately, the ‘Standard’ size isn’t very standard at all, varying from 25mm to 30mm in diameter. The most common size Olympic (50mm) – these plates and bars are found in all commercial gyms across Australia.