Collection: Gym Belts

When you lift something heavy, you ask your body to do a complex dance of muscle movements. A small mistake can lead you to place too much strain on a certain area, which may result in an injury.

Gym belts, AKA weightlifting belts, are designed to help you improve your mechanics through the positioning, bracing, lifting and breathing steps of a lift. They also offer support where you need it most – around your core and spine.

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Gym Belts FAQS

Is it good to wear a belt at the gym?

Gym belts can be a valuable piece of equipment for anyone who enjoys compound lifting (deadlifts, squats, overhead presses) as these exercises demand good technique and place particular strain on the core and spine, where a quality gym belt can offer the required support. Gym belts can also help to reduce the risk of a hernia for those pushing their upper limits during weight training.

What is the best type of gym belt?

When choosing a belt for the gym you should consider which exercises you plan to use it for, as some belts are designed for specific exercises, such as dip belts. In general, your gym belt should be comfortable to wear, should fit you well, and should provide support where you need it. Try the USA-made Schiek belts for the best comfort and extended warranties.