Collection: Running Equipment

In a lot of ways there’s no simpler, more effective or more satisfying form of exercise than running. With two legs, a pair of shoes and a surface to run on, you’ve got all you need to seriously enhance your fitness.

The addition of carefully selected running equipment can dial up the effectiveness of the exercise even further while adding a bit more comfort and fun to your run. From treadmills to sleds to running harnesses, there are a wealth of running equipment accessories ready to enhance your workout.

At GymQuip we offer a complete range of running equipment. Australia’s largest fitness showroom is located in Canberra, but we also offer a wide range of products online which we send Australia-wide, backed by a generous shipping and returns policy. And if you find one of our products cheaper somewhere else, we’ll beat that price!

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Running Equipment FAQS

What equipment do I need to start running?

Running is the simplest and most accessible of exercises, requiring nothing more than a supportive pair of shoes and somewhere to run. From there you can begin building up your running kit with running-specific shorts and tops, and items like smartwatches and hydration backpacks.

What are the different types of running equipment?

There is a range of running equipment designed to enhance the accessibility and efficacy of your running workout. Those who lack an appropriate place to run, such as people who live in the middle of a big city, might consider investing in a treadmill. To increase the intensity of your workout, and allow yourself to work up a sweat in a smaller space, a sled or weight harness can be a great option.