Collection: Shoulders Machines

Your shoulders are the meeting point of the arm and torso, and when you use the right shoulder machines, they’re also the meeting point of form and function: powerful and toned, ready for work and/or play.

The best shoulder machines activate targeted muscle groups, helping you to strengthen and tone the precise areas you want. The right shoulder workout machines can help you to reach your body goals, whatever they may be: losing weight, gaining strength, improving fitness, getting taut and toned, or just securing general health and well-being.

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Shoulder Machines FAQs

What gym machine works your shoulders?

There are a few types of gym equipment designed for the shoulders, each of which targets a slightly different group of muscles. These include vertical press machines, lat machines, pec and delt machines, incline benches and multi-press machines. Shoulder machines tend to focus on strength and tone, and are distinct from more cardio-focused equipment that happen to work out the shoulders, such as rowing machines.

What is the best machine for the upper body?

The best gym machines for shoulders will depend on the muscles a person wants to work and the results that a person wants to achieve. Shoulder machines like those listed above are great for developing strength and tone, while equipment like rowing and ski machines are great for building cardiovascular fitness.