Collection: Dip Bars

In terms of building an aesthetic physique, there’s perhaps no better exercise than the simple dip. The act of holding onto bars by your side, lowering yourself down and lifting yourself up is a surprisingly intense workout that activates your chest, triceps, back, core, traps and delts.

The simplicity of the exercise is reflected in the equipment. Dip bars simply feature two strong bars. Just grip on, lift your legs, and begin your workout. Dip bars can either be wall mounted or self-supporting (sometimes referred to as a dip station), which means you can easily install a dip bar at home.

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Dip Bars FAQS

What are dip bars good for?

Dip bars are an easy workout to learn, but a tough one to master. They offer an intense bodyweight workout that activates your core, back and arms, and are a great way to build and tone muscles in these areas. They can also help you to build the strength required for other exercises, such as pull-ups and chin-ups.

Are dip bars a good investment?

Why buy dip bars? Because they are a great fitness investment. They’re compact, simple to set up, and offer an intense workout to every type of fitness fan, from beginners to professionals.