Collection: Trigger Balls

Achieving peak performance is about pushing your body to the limit during exercise, and taking care of it before and after a workout. Trigger balls, also referred to as massage balls, are simple yet effective pieces of recovery equipment that can help you do just that.

Trigger point massage balls replicate the focused, deep tissue massage that you might get from a physio or massage therapist. Like foam rollers, trigger balls allow you to use your body weight to deal with muscle knots and tension. Unlike foam rollers, trigger point massage balls can hone in on a more specific area of the muscle.

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Trigger Balls FAQs

Do trigger point balls work?

Trigger balls certainly work – that’s why they’re a popular recovery tool for everyone from casual gym goers to Olympic athletes. When used correctly, a trigger ball can significantly reduce muscle tension, and the effect can be more or less the same as a deep tissue massage from a professional therapist.

What size are trigger balls?

Trigger balls come in a variety of sizes, and generally speaking the smaller the ball, the deeper and more focused the pressure will be. Trigger balls also come in a variety of shapes to help with stability and to help you hit those hard-to-reach areas.