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At GymQuip, we pride ourselves on offering the highest quality fitness equipment we can, sourcing only from the best brands in the world to ensure you only get top-quality products. Our range of leg press machines are designed to help you build strength, tone your legs, and improve your overall fitness. 

Leg press machines are perfect for anyone looking to build leg strength, increase muscle mass, and tone their lower body, regardless of fitness level or goals. The seated leg press can be a more comfortable method than squats for many people who want to work on their lower body, effectively targeting your quadriceps, hamstrings, and glutes. It's also a great alternative for people who may have difficulty with traditional squats due to mobility or balance issues.

Another key benefit of using a leg press machine is lifting heavier weights as compared to traditional squat exercises. This is possible because the weight is distributed more evenly, which also helps reduce strain on your lower back and knees.

As the biggest fitness equipment store in Canberra, we’re always on hand to offer assistance for choosing the perfect piece of fitness equipment in person. You can also always contact us directly and ask about our great shipping and returns policy if you’d like to get your equipment shipped directly to you, wherever you are in Australia. 

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Investing in a leg press machine is a great way to supercharge your leg workouts. Browse our options here, or feel free to ask us about how they can transform your fitness routine. 

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Leg Press Machine FAQs

How much space does a leg press machine take up?

Leg press machines can take up a fair amount of space, as they’re one of the bigger pieces of fitness equipment out there. You also need to factor in some space around the machine for using it safely—the sides will require enough access for you to both get on comfortably, and load weight plates into the machine to change the weight you’re working with. These plates can be heavy, so it’s safest to give yourself enough space to put them properly. 

The exact dimensions you’ll need depend on the specific piece of equipment you’re after, so it’s best to reach out and talk to us about where you’d like to use it when considering a purchase.

What’s the best leg press to buy?

When buying a leg press, you’ll want to find something that’s adjustable so you can fine-tune the dimensions to fit your body. 

You’ll also want to find something that’s built to last. The Body-Solid Pro Dual Leg & Calf Press Machine DCLP-SF is a great option for both of these criteria, as it’s fully adjustable, and also comes with the best warranty on the market.

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