Collection: Weight Lifting Hooks & Lifting Straps

When you look purely at the size of the muscles involved, the body has one obvious weak point when lifting heavy things: the hands. The muscles in your fingers are miniscule when compared to your quads, glutes and biceps, though all play an important role in lifting weights.

Weight lifting hooks and weight lifting straps are designed to help you achieve a better grip during ‘pulling’ weight lifting exercises, such as deadlifts. They shift some of the strain from the fingers to the wrist, allowing you to focus on the muscles that you’re trying to build, rather than simply maintaining your grip.

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Weight Lifting Hooks & Lifting Straps FAQs

How do you use weight lifting hooks?

Weight lifting hooks are strong, J-shaped hooks that strap to your wrist to take some of the weight and strain from your grip. Simply velcro the strap around your wrist, nestle the hook in your palm, and hook it under the bar before you lift.

Which is better: lifting straps or hooks?

Lifting hooks are ideal for high rep deadlift workouts, as they offer a secure and consistent grip. Straps take a little longer to set up but can offer a firmer attachment to the bar, so are more popular for heavy single lifts.