Collection: Commercial Strength Equipment

Welcome to GymQuip, the ultimate destination for all your commercial strength training equipment needs! If you’re looking to fitout a commercial gym space, look no further. We can help you find strength machines for any layout or client base.

Our store in Canberra is the largest fitness equipment store in the city, and we take pride in curating the best range of equipment from the finest brands in the world. Whether you are looking to build a gym to help people lose weight, build muscle, improve heart health, or simply reduce stress, we have a wide range of products that can cater to all your needs.

Our products are made to last, and we are confident in their durability and quality. We offer commercial gym equipment that is designed to withstand even the most intense workout sessions, so your clients can train with confidence and peace of mind.

We also offer a diverse range of equipment to suit all workout styles, from functional training to weight training, and everything in between. Our collection includes functional movement equipment, strength training equipment, leg press machines, smith machines, free weights, and more.

At GymQuip, we understand that choosing the right equipment for a gym can be overwhelming. That's why our sales team is always ready to assist you in making the right decision. We have extensive knowledge and experience in the industry, and we can help you choose the perfect machine that fits your goals and budget.

Feel free to come in and visit our Canberra store, or can contact us directly for advice if you can’t make it in. Our experienced team can help ensure that you get exactly what you’re looking for, and our great shipping and returns policy can help you get exactly what you need, delivered directly to you, anywhere in Australia.

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With a wide range of commercial strength training equipment and free weights, you’ll find everything you need below for building a strength-focused space. Browse the range below.

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Whether you’re buying for an established gym or a new one, GymQuip is your one-stop-shop for all your commercial strength equipment needs. We’re confident that our products and services will exceed your expectations, and we look forward to helping you find what you’re looking for. 

If you have any questions or require any assistance, please feel free to reach out to our sales team. We are always happy to help! And if you’ve found a piece of equipment on sale for a lower price elsewhere, let us know and we can beat the price, whether it’s online or in-store. Click here for more details.