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Force USA G20 PRO Functional Trainer


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Over 400 Exercises in One Compact System!

The next evolution in Force USA’s G-series, the G20 Pro™ All-In-One Trainer is the most complete, compact trainer ever built. Combining a commercial-grade Functional Trainer, Smith Machine (450kg), Power Rack, Chin Up Station and Leg Press, with 30 attachments and updated features including a Swing Arm and 2:1 Cable Ratio, this machine is impossible to beat. Designed and engineered in our professional training labs, this beast is made with unbelievably tough, heavy-duty, high tensile steel. Your strength training is about to enter a whole new world!


G20 PRO® Base Model Included Attachments:

  • Multi-Grip Chin-Up Bar
  • Globe Chin-Up Bar
  • Swing Arm
  • Suspension Trainer Hook
  • Roller J-Hooks (Pair)
  • Monolifts (Pair)
  • Front Safeties (Pair)
  • Core Trainer with Rotating Holder
  • A Bar Row Handle
  • Long Straight Bar
  • Lat Pulldown Bar
  • Small Straight Bar
  • Tricep V Bar
  • Multi-Grip Lat Pulldown Bar
  • Close Grip Triangle
  • Metal Handles (Pair)
  • Nylon Handles (Pair)
  • Triceps Rope
  • Adjustable Leg Press Footplate
  • Low Row Foot Plate
  • Lat Pulldown Knee Anchor
  • Calf Block
  • 4x Band Pegs
  • 4 x Extension Chains
  • 2 x Olympic Lock Collars
  • 10 x Spring Collars (50mm)
  • 10 x Weight Plate Holders
  • 7 x Carabiners
  • Barbell Storage x 2
  • Attachment Hooks
  • Exercise Charts
  • Ankle Cuff

G20® Lat Row Station Upgrade (Additional):

  • Additional Lat Row + Lat Pull Down Station
  • Additional 289lbs/ 130kg weight stack (1:1 cable ratio)
  • Lat Pull Down Knee Lock
  • Oversized Slip Resistant Low Row Footplate
  • Dip Bar (Pair)


  • Usage: Light Commercial
  • Materials:
    • Heavy gauge steel throughout
    • PVC and rubber in heavy use areas
    • Clear coating with anti-rust protection
    • Commercial grade powder coating
  • Product Weight: 620 kgs / 1368 lbs
  • Weight Rating: 450 kgs / 992 lbs
  • Dimensions: 190cm (W) x 169cm (L) x 230 (H) cm (Add 152.4cm with the Swing Arm attachment)

*Parts cannot be sold individually.



Unlock the secret to a seamless workout experience with the new Force USA Training app! Say goodbye to the overwhelm of planning your training sessions and hello to a streamlined approach that allows you to flow through your workouts. Force USA's expert strength coaches have recorded and organised hundreds of tutorial videos, giving you access to the knowledge and guidance needed to create an effective strength training program. Or simply browse through the videos and cherry-pick your favourite exercises to create your own workout routine. It’s never been this easy to train at home.



You name the training type or exercise and the Force USA® G20 Pro™ All-In-One Trainer has your back. Isolate every muscle group and easily switch between upper and lower body depending on your program.

  • Strength and Split Training
  • Bodybuilding and Powerlifting
  • High-Intensity Interval Training
  • Plyometric and Explosive Training

Offering unrivalled toughness, safety and performance, the G20 Pro™ All-In-One is designed for the next generation of strength and fitness athletes.


The G20 Pro™ is packed with new features that help you customise every workout to your unique needs and improve session flow. This includes:

  • Additional holes at the rear every 100mm, allowing you to utilise the 10 weight plate holders at your preferred height for faster and easier loading and unloading.
  • Westside hole spacing is now fitted the entire length of the upright compared to the previous G20™, allowing more granular weight adjustments.
  • An adjustable, heavy-duty Low Row Foot Plate, giving you a greater range of motion and secure positioning for your Seated Rows.


The G20 Pro™ includes a handy 5-foot Swing Arm with 6 lock-in positions (0-90 degrees), opening up your training to even more possibilities.

  • Hook on a 3-5ft Punching Bag (up to 60kg/133lbs) and add boxing to your training program. The perfect way to build heat, tone your upper body and feel the burn.
  • You can also throw on an Endless Rope Trainer to strengthen your Core, Biceps, Upper Back and Lats, while building endurance and agility.

The Swing Arm can be bolted either side of your trainer, depending on the orientation of your set-up.


The Dual Weight Stacks (130kg/289lbs) now have a 2:1 cable ratio, delivering more explosive exercises, more varied weight increments (2.5kg) and a longer cable reach. The high tensile aircraft grade cables also come with a massive 2000lb (907kg) weight rating.

You can perform an endless variety of full-body exercises at the front of your unit, including:

  • Chest Press
  • Tricep Extensions
  • Bicep Curls
  • Leg Kickbacks
  • Cable Flys
  • Lat Pulldowns

The commercial sliders and pop-pin adjustments have a premium feel to them, making all your cable work smooth and effortless.


The G20 Pro™ All-In-One Trainer is loaded with the most diverse range of attachments ever released with an all-in-one trainer to keep your workouts fresh. Every item is finished with a high grade powder coating and black finish. Here’s just some of what is included:

  • Lat Pulldown Bar
  • Short Straight Bar
  • Tricep V Bar
  • Core Trainer with Rotating Holder
  • A Bar Row Handle
  • Long Straight Bar
  • Tricep Rope
  • Adjustable Leg Press Footplate
  • Swing Arm
  • Metal Handles (Pair)
  • Nylon Handles (Pair)


The Core Trainer Attachment will add more dynamic movements to your training - it can be used with Standard or Olympic sized barbells to perform Shoulder Presses, T-Bar Rows Squats, Core Rotations and many more.

The laser cut holes in the base of the unit are designed specifically for Band Pegs, deliveringresistance training while using your Smith Bar.


You’ll quickly realise why Force USA continues to push the bar with strength equipment. The Force USA® G20 Pro™ All-In-One Trainer includes:

  • Commercially sealed Bearing Pulleys for a natural smooth movement on your cable exercises.
  • 50 adjustment points on the front uprights for your J-Hooks, Spotter Arms and Jammer Arms.
  • Roller J-Hooks to protect your barbell and correctly position your bar before lifting.
  • Laser etching numbers make it simple to place attachments on the same height every time.


Designed for garages, basements, spare rooms and studio set-ups, the space-saving G20 Pro™ All-In-One Trainer packs an incredible amount of training options into a small footprint.

The dimensions are 190cm (W) x 169cm (L) x 230 (H) cm, with an additional 152.4cm width for the Swing Arm Attachment that can be placed on either side of the unit.


Keep everything within reach and your workout space tidy with room for 2 Barbell and 10 Weight Plate Holders (Standard and Olympic) at the back of the unit.

The G20 Pro™ also has a built-in Storage Rack for all of your attachments, with room for Barbells, Handles, Chains and Ropes.


The G20 Pro™ All-In-One Trainer was precision built and manufactured using the highest quality materials. With a Lifetime Frame Warranty and 2-year warranty on parts and attachments, the trainer includes:

  • Thick heavy gauge steel tubing throughout
  • Tough PVC and rubber in heavy use areas to increase durability
  • Long-lasting clear coating with anti-rust protection
  • Eco-friendly premium commercial grade powder coating

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