Collection: Spare Parts

The harder you work your gym equipment, the better the fitness results will usually be, so it’s designed to be dropped, thrown, hit and generally pushed to its limit. But this means that gym equipment often isn’t treated with much care, so at times things can wear down or break.

At GymQuip we offer a complete range of spare parts for our most popular pieces of fitness equipment, because we know that fixing gym equipment is far better for your wallet and the planet than buying a new item whenever there’s an issue.

From pulley wheels to pins, brake pads to brackets, our Canberra superstore – Australia’s largest fitness showroom – is stocked with a wealth of spare parts that can fix common issues, help you to extend the life of your equipment, and save you a lot of money in the process. Our expert team is always on hand to help you find the exact spare part you need to fix your issue.

Our price beat guarantee means you’ll always enjoy the best price, and our fitness experts are always available on 02 6280 4447 or at if you need help or advice. We can also ship spare parts to your door Australia-wide – shop online to gain access to our complete range and to enjoy our generous shipping and returns policy.


Spare Parts FAQs

What are common gym equipment spare parts?

Pins, brackets, rollers, belts and pulleys are common parts that may need replacing. At GymQuip we sell high quality gym equipment that is designed to last. But from time to time, and for a variety of reasons, you may need to replace parts—general wear and tear, you lost a part, or a member of your gym broke an item by using it incorrectly.

Can I fix gym equipment myself?

You may be able to fix your own equipment—it depends on the issue. Replacing a pin or bracket on your weightlifting set can be a super simple job, but issues with more complicated equipment, particularly electronic, may need to be looked at by a professional.