Collection: Calves Machines

Never skip leg day’. It’s a gym cliche for a reason, and especially applies to your lower legs. While calves might have a reputation for being one of the most difficult muscles to build and tone, when you put in the effort you can achieve stunning results.

On top of the discipline and desire to succeed, you’ll also need the right machinery. The best exercise for calves will come from dedicated calf machines, such as seated calf machines, leverage squat calf machines, calf raise, leg press and hack squat gym machines for calves.

At GymQuip we offer a wide range of calf machines designed to more effectively build strength and tone in the lower leg. And as Australia’s largest fitness showroom, with our extensive online range, we offer every piece of strength training equipment you could ever need. 

Not sure of the best exercise for calves, or which calf machine will suit your needs? We’re ready to help - get in touch on (02) 6280 4447 or at With Australia-wide shipping and a generous shipping and returns policy, we’ll deliver to your door. And if you find the same product cheaper somewhere else, we’ll beat that price!

Calves Machines FAQS

Which machine is best for calves?

Between calf raise, seated, leg press, hack squat and leverage squat calf machines, there’s no shortage of equipment designed to build your calves. All are effective, so for the most part it comes down to which you or your clients prefer to use, as each machine will see you take a slightly different stance and use a slightly different technique.

Are calf machines worth it?

If you’re looking to build muscle and tone in your legs, then yes, calf machines are worth it - if you don’t skip leg day, your persistence will pay off in terms of both strength and aesthetics.