Collection: Strength Training Bars & Accessories

You don’t necessarily need high-end, ultra-specialised gym equipment to bulk up and get stronger. There are a wealth of other, simpler and often cheaper ways to build strength and muscle mass.

Pull-up, chin-up and dip bars trade dumbbells and plates for your own bodyweight. Weighted vests, bags and ankle straps increase that bodyweight to the desired level. Resistance bands allow you to work all your muscles in all directions.

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Strength Training Bars & Accessories FAQs

What equipment can you use for strength training?

While ‘strength training equipment’ might make you think of large weight machines and lifting racks, it also covers a range of smaller, simpler and more cost-effective equipment, such as pull-up, chin-up and dip bars, wearable weights and resistance bands. When used consistently and correctly, these items can be very effective at increasing strength and muscle mass.

How can I strength train at home with minimal equipment?

If you’re looking for cost-effective home gym strength training equipment that doesn’t take up a lot of space, bodyweight bars, resistance bands and wearable weights are the ideal option, as they make use of your bodyweight. These exercises also form an effective feedback loop: as you build muscle mass, you have more weight to lift, which helps you build even more muscle!