Collection: Leg Machines

GymQuip’s range of leg machines are purpose-built to make your pins and glutes stronger and more sculpted than ever before. Activating some of the most powerful muscles in your body, you’ll also find our leg workout machines deeply satisfying to use.

By using leg exercise machines regularly you can unlock full body fitness. Leg machines at the gym or home are a key factor in achieving any number of goals, including weight loss, muscle building and toning, cardiovascular fitness and even improved mental health.

As the largest fitness showroom in Australia, our Canberra store is packed with a large, hand selected, high-end range of leg machines. Not in Canberra? No problem! Shop our complete range online and enjoy the protection of our generous shipping and returns policies. And in the unlikely event you find an item cheaper elsewhere, we’ll beat that price.

For advice on the leg machine that is perfectly suited to your training style and budget, contact our sales team on (02) 6280 4447 or

Leg Machines FAQs

What are leg machines good for?

Leg machines are primarily designed to build leg strength, such as leg press, leg curl and squat machines. These machines can help you build muscle and develop tone in your legs and are ideal for anyone looking to improve the strength and aesthetics of their lower body.

What gym equipment is best for legs?

Different leg machines, such as leg press, hack squat, leg curl, calf raise and thigh machines, are designed to focus on different muscle groups. While leg machines at the gym are usually defined as those that build up strength in the legs, there are other machines, such as treadmills, that still deliver a leg workout, just with more of a cardio focus.