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Kiva Wellness

Kiva Wellness Radiance Far-Infrared Sauna - 4 Person


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Our Radiance 4 Person full spectrum infrared sauna lets you relax, stretch out and recover all from the comfort of your own home. It has front heating panels with near, mid and far infrared heat waves, as well as an extra plug inlet for our optional upgrade freestanding Kiva Wellness Red Light Therapy Panel.

Your sauna experience can be adjusted to your personal comfort with temperature adjustable up to 70°C, as well as your choice of mood enhancing 7 colour chromotherapy lighting.

Enjoy the luxury of our Radiance 4 Person Full Spectrum Infrared Sauna. It heats up faster than traditional models for both quick and intense sessions. Enjoy the full embrace of near, mid, and far infrared heaters that promote relaxation and wellness.

The sauna features an ergonomic design with a contoured backrest and a reversible bench seat for maximum comfort. Enjoy built-in speakers and soothing ambient lighting for a complete sensory experience.

Safety is paramount with a user-friendly control panel and low EMF emissions. The sauna is made from durable Canadian hemlock wood, which is strong, non-allergenic, and has minimal scent. It also includes high-quality toughened glass for added safety.

Perfect for regular use, this sauna adds a touch of sophistication and health benefits to your home or business.

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