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Kiva Wellness Radiance Far-Infrared Sauna - 3 Person


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Our Radiance 3 Person full spectrum infrared sauna lets you relax, stretch out and recover all from the comfort of your own home. It has front heating panels with near, mid and far infrared heat waves, as well as an extra plug inlet for our optional upgrade freestanding Kiva Wellness Red Light Therapy Panel.

Your sauna experience can be adjusted to your personal comfort with temperature adjustable up to 70°C, as well as your choice of mood enhancing 7 colour chromotherapy lighting.

 Enjoy built-in Bluetooth, USB, and FM radio, with low EMF for safety, ergonomic comfort with built in backrest support, eco-luxe Kiln dried Canadian Hemlock, easy to use control panel and free nationwide shipping.

If you’re looking for a luxe sauna experience, look no further. Our Radiance full spectrum sauna brings a level of quality and sophistication like you’ve never known. Breathe in 360 degree heat and exhale pure calmness as your body enjoys the sheer power of near, mid and far infrared heaters.

The premium technology heating panels means your sauna will heat up quicker than your average far-infrared sauna - either allowing you a quicker session, or if you’re feeling up to it, a more intense session.

Designed with comfort in mind, the wood around the heating panels is shaped to be ergonomic, meaning a more relaxing back rest is pre-installed (so you don’t need to worry about buying this feature as an add on).

Additionally, the bench seat can be flipped, giving you the convenience of option for a flat back rest or the ergonomic curve.

The Radiance sauna also comes with high quality speakers and additional lighting coming out of the heating panels, along with the LED light panel located at the top of the unit.

With a 5m long cord, placement of your Radiance sauna is easy to accommodate anywhere in the home.

The temperature on this unit goes up to 70 degrees, which with the full spectrum feature is more than enough to get you glowing in no time. For those brave enough to put their body to the test, the timer goes to up to 90 mins - allowing you a long and luxurious sweat sesh.

Complete with Australian certification, these full spectrum saunas have an ultra-low Electromagnetic Field (EMF) plus a very simple-to-use design. They are made using sustainably sourced hemlock wood from Canada and come complete with an easy-to-operate control panel.

Our range of saunas were created using high-quality, thick and durable Canadian hemlock spruce, which is a common material utilised for saunas. It’s a strong and sturdy material that’s resistant to cracking or splitting, and is also non-allergenic, resin-free and provides a significantly reduced scent. This reduced scent will make sure your sauna experience is not clouded by thick smells that may be experienced in some saunas made with other varieties of wood.

If you are planning a personal wellness space to use on a regular basis, then look no further than our range. Your full spectrum sauna will be the perfect addition to your home. With low EMF certified heaters, no harmful chemicals used and high-quality toughened glass, Kiva Wellness saunas make for a relaxing atmosphere that can be both rejuvenating and refreshing.

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