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Pure Design

Pure Design TR7 Folding Treadmill


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The Pure Design TR7 Folding treadmill is an ideal fit for those short on space. Simply fold it up and stash it away - it can even slide under furniture or stand upright, safely tucked out of sight.

✦DC motor: 1.75HP;

✦Speed range: 1.0-16km/h;

✦ Console: three colored racing window and LED windows provide 36 pre-set program +3 user's manual and 1 manual.

✦ 6-pieces elastic cushions inside;

✦ Running surface:122 x 45cm;

✦ Easily foldable, foldable dimension: 158 x 73 x 26.5cm, Vertical storage or flat storage

✦ With I-pad holder and water bottle holder

✦ 12-Month Total Unit Warranty

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