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BLACKROLL Slim Fascia Roller


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  • Effective training device for intensive fascia massages
  • Optimal travel companion due to smaller scope
  • High stability
  • Slim, handy and compact: The BLACKROLL ® SLIM combines the positive aspects of a BLACKROLL ® fascia roll .
  • Unlike the BLACKROLL ® STANDARD, the BLACKROLL ® SLIM features a smaller circumference and a smaller contact surface. This intensifies the fascia massage. Due to the smaller size of the BLACKROLL ® SLIM, the fascia roller is the perfect travel companion - the massage roller for on the go!

The length of the BLACKROLL ® SLIM has remained the same at 30 cm, but the fascia roll is narrower than the BLACKROLL ® STANDARD. The smaller size and compact, handy size make the BLACKROLL ® SLIM a practical travel companion that fits in any pocket.

Since the BLACKROLL ® SLIM massage roller is significantly narrower than the BLACKROLL ® STANDARD, self-massage is also much more intense. Muscle tension is better loosened by the high intensity, so that Faszienverklebungen can dissolve faster. You can treat painful hot spots, especially in the shoulder area or on the buttocks, with this massage tool unaided. If you work with the BLACKROLL ® SLIM, you will be able to quickly feel the positive effect of this innovative fascia role.

Anyone who regularly uses the BLACKROLL ® SLIM fascia roll will feel much more relaxed after only a few applications. The massage is not only easy - it is also incredibly effective. The Faszienrolle allows a targeted treatment of tense muscles and glued fascia.

Painful hotspots, which are usually caused by one-sided postures, long standing or sitting, can be treated particularly effectively with the BLACKROLL ® SLIM because the fascia massage is more intensive than with the BLACKROLL ® STANDARD.

The BLACKROLL ® SLIM is especially suitable for athletes who want to relax after a hard and intense workout. The more you use the BLACKROLL ® SLIM, the faster your muscles can regenerate.

The BLACKROLL ® SLIM is the ideal travel companion if you want to workout on the go and pamper your muscles with a soothing self-massage. Targeted stimulation stimulates the circulation of tense muscle and fascia tissue, allowing the muscles to regenerate faster and better.

Through fascination training, you stimulate your body's self-healing powers to relieve pain and enhance physical performance. The training with the BLACKROLL ® SLIM is comparable to an intense sports massage, which you combine with a trigger point treatment if you stay a little longer on the hotspots.

You can vary the intensity and pressure with your own body weight. Due to its compact size, the BLACKROLL ® SLIM can be used in many ways , for example, to treat the thighs, calves or buttocks. In combination with other BLACKROLL ® tools, the fascia training is even more intense, so that tensions and trigger points can not even arise.

For an even more effective massage, you can upgrade your BLACKROLL ® SLIM with the BOOSTER. The oscillating vibrations of the vibrating rod loosen the tissue and stimulate the blood circulation. Through the combination of vibration and massage, the fascia massage goes deeper into the depths. Persistent tension can be solved in this way.

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